Internet shops - start selling online

"Well, I have an idea! My business is growing and I want to start selling online. What should I do?"

Have you asked yourself a similar question? If "yes", then we can help.

You have several options and which one you chose will depend on answers ot specific questions. You can start selling on ebay ot other online platform or buid your own online shop.

We from Modus have the expertise to research, design and assist you with setting up your online sales engine.

Questions you'd have to answer include:

  • What are my products - types, categories, variations etc.
  • What are my customers - age, location, social status etc.
  • what payment methods would i like to implemet
  • What is the budget
  • What resources do I have to maintain and run the online shop
  • and others

I would recommend Open Source solution for startup and small businesses - this is a budget solution capable of serving the main online shop's purposes like: visibility and SEO possibilities; integration of product catalogues with various functionalities; flefibility and scalability; means to protect from hacking; integration og payment processors; multi-language etc.

What would we do to assist you:

  1. Provide professional advice in regards of design, structure, possible solutions, hosting, needed mix os selling channels etc.
  2. Help you choose needed components to serve your specific needs;
  3. Choose the contemporary design theme and customize it to your brand;
  4. Setup your categories, products and product variations, needed modules like "related products", promo products, product combinations;
  5. Setup additional features like customer loyality progrums; setup shopping procedures, shipping proces, messaging, newsletters etc.
  6. Assist you with initial setup of products - professional images, descriptions etc.
  7. Release your shop online and setup sitemap, registration to Google;
  8. Provide needed everyday resourves for running the online product shop: to update products, process sales, setup and carry out promo campaign, advertise on Google, optimize your shop for search engines, support a Facebook page for your shop and other activiries you might need.

There are cases when your business would need a custom solution with powerful features, premium speed, bigger sales possibilities and higher security. This is also possible to achieve using solution from our trustful vendors. Please ask for quote if this is what you need.

We normally use online platforms based on open source like PrestaShop, osCommerce, Magento, Opencart or SummerCart.

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our online contact form.

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