Modus digital services

IT support, Corporate graphical and web design, Social media marketing, web commerce

Corporate Websites

What is your website? Your business card? Your main channel to pass company's vision to your partners and clients? A chance to present your products and services in the best way? An easy way to find your new employees? A mean to get known on web and be easily found?

All of that.... but not only.

IT Infrastructure Support

You have your computers running and connected in your office. But what is happening on your corporate network? Are you protected? Do you have performance optimized? Do you have a vision about your IT infrastructure? Are you located in Bulgaria or planning to open an office here?

Internet shops - start selling online

"Well, I have an idea! My business is growing and I want to start selling online. What should I do?"

Have you asked yourself a similar question? If "yes", then we can help.

You have several options and which one you chose will depend on answers ot specific questions. You can start selling on ebay ot other online platform or buid your own online shop.

We from Modus have the expertise to research, design and assist you with setting up your online sales engine.

Corporate Identity Design

Graphical presentation and corporate identity are very important. They are as important as your products and services and can make your business stand out. Success is often stipulated by your reputation, by the impression you make and by the way you communicate with your customers.

We understand that and as an agency provide through our services the best quality design for your corporate identity.

Web and Mobile Applications

Internet is getting faster and more reliable nowadays. Urban areas are poplulated by high capacity lines and there is always an WiFi hotspot nearby. One can stay connected while travelling to a business trip of an exotic place. Security of communications is always an issue but this could also be addresssed and handled so that access is safe enough. More and more devices are connected - to mention desktops and laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones  etc. This stimulates the creation of new generation of secure IT systems providing new levels of services.