Corporate Websites

What is your website? Your business card? Your main channel to pass company's vision to your partners and clients? A chance to present your products and services in the best way? An easy way to find your new employees? A mean to get known on web and be easily found?

All of that.... but not only.

Internet is another channel to connect to the world. Same as speech, sound, radio, TV. We won't cease existing without the web but world would not be the same.

We realize this and are trying to make the presence of our partners and clients distinguished, recognizable and longer lasting. You must stand from the others, your content be up to date with contemporary vision and easily found by whomever needed by.

The process is two sided. This is B2B relation and we won't succeed without your participation. We are your trusted consultant but you have the final word.

This is the philosophy. The rest is technical.

Domain name selection, registration, setup of web and mail. Design, creation, setup, test and release of your website.

  • Linking with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+;
  • Optimize content for the search engines - and social networks finding best keywords, descriptions, content layout;
  • Submitting site to the search engines like Google and Bing, with sitemaps and interface to monitor site activity.
  • Creating optimized mobile versions for smartphones and tablets or linking your site to your in-house ERP or synchronizing with some mobile application.

Techniques include object oriented programming in PHP with JavaScript, Ajax, using powerful frameworks like Zend and jQuery library, Flex, XML. HTML, xHTML, accelerating and caching systems.

Sometimes it is best and cost effective to use most advanced open source systems like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. They provide modular structure, unlimited sources of custom designs, modules and plugins  allowing to achieve almost everything you might need. These systems are regularly updated with hundreds of programmers actively participating which means greater security, optimal performance and good support as a whole. They have multilingual support, user friendly administration CMS. Adaptive and robust is what makes them so attractive and widely used.

Contact us with your needs and requirements to select the best solutions an put you where you deserve to stand.

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