Web and Mobile Applications

Internet is getting faster and more reliable nowadays. Urban areas are poplulated by high capacity lines and there is always an WiFi hotspot nearby. One can stay connected while travelling to a business trip of an exotic place. Security of communications is always an issue but this could also be addresssed and handled so that access is safe enough. More and more devices are connected - to mention desktops and laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones  etc. This stimulates the creation of new generation of secure IT systems providing new levels of services.

These new level corporate services use internet and can be used for:

  • Real time messaging, mails transfer, voice and video exchange services;
  • Document exchange services;
  • Access to ERP class services with CRM, accounting, location based sewrvices, warehousing,, sales, production, supply, design and others.

We base our experience on projects we've developed through the years for Bulgarian clients like Despred, Pulsar games as well as for companies like Fox, QualiChef, BizkIt, Zkatter and others.

Complex ERP systems are being developed by Bulgarian and world vendors and Modus' role is a systems integrator and analytic for a selection of these systems. We would consult you for what can and what can not be done, we would help you to allocate resources, define targets, design and carry out the mogration of the new IT system, help you in any way to seamessly improve your IT infrastructure.

IT's prime goal is to follow the real life business experience. Therefore different situations require different solutions. This might mean for example the cretion of a simple flexible design website that adopts automatically to the devices that view it. This could also mean to create promotonal stuff like mobile app games, presentations for specific platforms like iOS, Android or Windows. We could advise oyu choose the right solution for your needs.

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