Corporate Identity Design

Graphical presentation and corporate identity are very important. They are as important as your products and services and can make your business stand out. Success is often stipulated by your reputation, by the impression you make and by the way you communicate with your customers.

We understand that and as an agency provide through our services the best quality design for your corporate identity.

What you do is of prime importance for your business. What services and products do you offer, how, what prices etc. But how is your business presented is as much important.

The graphical presentation of the company and its products is underestimated by some businesses leading to failures where there should be success.

Modus possesses the necessary mix of creativity and experience needed to design for you elements or total solution of how graphically would your company be presented. These could include:

  • Company logo design;
  • Stationary;
  • Corporate website branding;
  • Ad posts for for printed or web media;
  • Creative vision development for a whole advertizing campaign;
  • Corporate presentations design for different carriers like flash memory sticks; DVD, web or in-store video systems;

We often work together with advertizing agencies as a creative studio subcontracting elements of your company's campaign creating images, presentations, animated banners, games and tests for outdoor, printed, web and mobile media.

Please send us your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the online contact form.


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