За Модус 2 ООД

Modus is a new media solutions studio with a history and traditions.

We created an internet cafe for computer games and computer aided training courses back in 1998.

 We then turned into a full digital service agency widening our service portfolio. Modus is now innovative studio offering new media solutions with outstanding design delivered directly to our clients. Achieved quality allowed us to serve clients like Disney, Paramount, Fox, Martell, National Geographic, National Health Society and many others. Our success story covers over 80 completed projects. Bulgarian client list includes Despred, Pulsar, Iri Trade, Dimat Omega Furniture, Trainsoft, Miss Bulgaria Organization, OMIM and others.

IT develops constantly as well as telecommunications. This leads to tremendous increase if internet speeds, diversification of services offered, new internet technologies introduced, new development techniques and of course millions of new net users. More and more applications tend to use internet as operations environment.

The mass usage of laptops, smartphones, tablets, wireless networking and mobile communications change the way IT systems work. Quick connectivity, greater server power, faster clients' computers allow the media streaming, richer content presentation, transition of corporate IT systems to internet and globalizing of business in general. Another important factor is the OO programming, creation of open source systems, techniques like extreme programming which allowed a great number of skilled programmers from all over the world to create quality products which are far more accessible to everyone.

Separation of presentation from content in each contemporary web application allow quicker migration, change of visual interface, change of functions, lower expenses and increase ROI.

Modus grows and develops in this exiting new world of new media. Our partners and clients grow and benefit along. We would be glad if you join us in this journey.

You are welcome.

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